Aurora Brown

Birth Name:

Aurora Alice Jessop


(2002-04-11) April 11, 2002 (age 16)


Robyn Brown (mother)
Kody Brown (adoptive father)
Preston (biological father)


7 brothers and 10 sisters

Aurora Alice Brown is the daughter of Robyn and Kody Brown. She is Robyn's second child and eldest daughter; in order of age, she is Kody's twelfth child.

Aurora, her older brother David and her younger sister Breanna are the biological children of Robyn and her first husband, David Preston Jessop. It has been claimed on the Sister Wives show that after his divorced from Robyn, their biological father played a very minimal role in their life, only seeing them sporadically and paying no child support.

In 2015, David Jessop waived his parental rights to Aurora and her siblings and on June 17, 2015, they were legally adopted by Kody Brown.